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Emotionally there are three major areas that must be answered yes by a potential hearing aid user. They are the following:

1. Do you in fact have a hearing problem? This is determined by an electronic hearing exam, however in a lot of cases when an individual comes in for a hearing exam, they usually have a little idea a hearing loss may be present simply because they are either guessing at what people say or simply asking people to repeat.

2. Does your hearing loss bother you personally? Even if it's just a little bit, are you noticing it to be more aggravating to ask family or friends to repeat what they have said?

3. Do you still have speech discrimination? What is speech discrimination? It is how well your brain processes speech when you are amplified. This procedure is performed during every hearing evaluation at Tru-Sound Hearing and is vital in determining if an individual can benefit from hearing aids.

In most cases people can hear, they just have a hard time processing speech due to a hearing loss. Letting this type of problem go on for a long period of time is what can potentially separate an individual away from experiencing the true benefits of hearing aids.

Licensed and certified by the State of Ohio, Tru-Sound Hearing takes pride in honesty, customer service and helping people make a smooth transition into becoming a happy,

successful hearing aid user....for life.